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About Us

Dynamic-health is a boutique musculoskeletal clinic, personal training and Pilates studio in the heart of Lilliput, with a passion for restoring function, reducing pain and rediscovering your body’s potential to be strong and compete at any level and at any age. With their extensive knowledge, Natasha and David  Chedgy will assess, treat and maintain your body through sports rehabilitation, personal training and Pilates, to ensure your body is pain-free and working efficiently. Working together as a Husband and Wife team, both with extensive experience in high level sport, they are able to cover all aspects of injury, nutrition and fitness.

Natasha Chedgy is an experienced Sports Rehabilitator,  Body Control Pilates practitioner and Healthy Back Specialist, with a BSc from Loughborough University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Rehabilitation from St Mary's University. She was an International volleyball player and came to Pilates after finding it an invaluable tool to her own rehabilitation and to clients with lower back pain in desk jobs specifically, after working in a clinic in The City. Through using ultrasound, sports massage, functional rehabilitation and pilates on the mat and reformer, Natasha can take you from early to late stage rehabilitation and holds regular Pilates mat classes to help prevent injury (prehabilitation), maintain your posture and help to keep your back healthy.

David Chedgy is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Level 4 Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition specialist. 
After gaining a degree in Physics at Loughborough University, and being a high level sprinter he played Premier League rugby at Harlequins and Saracens with a number of appearances in the 1st XV. After injuries cut his rugby career short, he  spent many years working in the City as a Trader but has now returned to his true passion of health, sport and fitness.
Specialising in PT, circuit training and functional movement he can help you get the body you want, whether that is training for a particular sport or to show off your six-pack down on Sandbanks beach!
At the age of 46 he believes that everybody can achieve the body, fitness and movement that they want and is keen to share his experience and knowledge.

David Chedgy
Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist


Natasha Chedgy

Pilates teacher, Sports Rehabilitator, Back Specialist


Personal Training : 

60 mins: £45 (10% discount on 10 sessions)

Pilates, Sports massage and rehabilitation:
30 mins: £30 

45 mins: £40

60 mins: £50  (10% discount on 10 sessions)

Group Matwork and Functional Circuit Training:

60 mins: £10

£10 per class. Sign up to 2 classes per week to get a discount of 20% on the 2nd class.

Upfront payment for 5-6 week blocks in line with Dorset schools half terms.
We can arrange a direct debit based on 39 weeks of classes.

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